Free Doses of Vectra 3D, NexGard, & Frontline Plus!

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Buy 6 doses of the repelling Vectra 3D, get 3 free!  If you prefer the convenience of NexGard, you get 1 dose free when you buy 6 doses.  Or if you are a fan of Frontline Plus for your dog, you can get 2 free when you buy 6!  Your dog will then have the recommended amount of doses (8) for the season without a huge hit to your wallet.  And if you want to buy fewer doses at time, you can get 1 dose free if you buy 3 of either Vectra 3D or Frontline Plus.

Confused on which product is best for your dog?  Ask us; we are happy to help guide your decision based on your pet's needs and lifestyle!